Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter CHA photos!

CHA has been a blast and there has been so much to see and take in. Lots and lots of beautiful new embellies and paperlines and ideas for amazing home decor using just your basic scrapppin' stuff! The ribbons were so elegant, fun, filmy and gorgeous! Lots of beautiful choices for all of your favorite LSS's and online shops. I of course, wanted them all! Viva Decor dazzled as always and the big news from ProvoCraft is the next generation Cricut Expression 2 (E2). It is more streamlined than the original E and with the larger, colored LED screen, it eliminates the need for a keypad and overlay! And it should be WiFi capable a couple of months after it's official release April 26th on HSN. That's right, WiFi... no more cords or dragging your E to your computer and vice versa. Perhaps even more exciting is the Cricut Chat Room online. It's a Gypsy, Design Studio and more rolled into one but even better! It's online so it's available anywhere anytime that you log on and the applications that you can do with it are amazing. Being able to type your titles, phrases, etc is such a simple thing but something many of us have been begging for. And welding... it's never been easier. There are tons of youtube videos showing it in action and I encourage you to check them out. I didn't film any since there seemed to be an overload of videos out there but they are all good. The absolute best part... it will be FREE OF CHARGE! Yes, FREE. And for me, mac compatible, finally!! You'll be able to save all of your projects on there, share them via email, view every image on every cart PC makes from every feature key all on your own computer or laptop screen. For those who purchase an E2, when that goes wireless, you'll be able to cut without any cables hooked up.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write all the information for us! I don't own a Cricut but the more I see it the more I want one! Hugz